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Advisers need to change their hook

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6 months ago

People are afraid. Not only that, but the path ahead seems very unclear – not just for them individually, but for the entire world. We need strong stories now more than ever

This article has been taken from the NMP education library which has now moved to Advisely

So what has this to do with the hook and advisers? Communicating in creative and authentic ways and showing customers the “story” of finance and how working with the industry can be transformational. 

Advisers need to tell authentic stories and find their own hook for those stories. What’s the hook? It’s the piece of information in the story that draws people in – your unique opener that makes people want to continue engaging.

What makes a good hook when telling your story as an adviser?  The most obvious is around how you needed to solve a problem and how you did this, how you grew up as a child or even a startling fact that instantly hooks people in. 

The numbers show us that while there are fewer advisers in the field, demand has gone up. And while traditionally fees have been one of the bigger hurdles to jump over, now is a time when people will pay for certainty. Not certainty in the markets or how much money they will make, but certainty for themselves and their own families; a sense that things will be okay for them. 

So the hook of your story needs to adapt to the times. Can you start with the feeling of a new client when they understand their financial plan and the way forward? Can you give examples of how it felt to see certainty in your clients? Because when people are afraid they will move towards those who are calm and have answers. And we all know the answers you have will in fact create a greater certainty in people, especially over time. 

So start reading books you love, and notice their hook – their way in. When you are watching Netflix, notice the start of the movie – does it draw you in? How does it make you feel? The more you understand the power of the hook, the easier it becomes to drive your communications and new business strategy. 

There are uncertain times -and advisers are well-placed more than ever before, to help people with the answers. 

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