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Hyper-personalisation: the next frontier?

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12 days ago

Twenty years ago, the best way to deliver a personalised service to your clients was to actually get personal. You’d find out what they do for a living, learn the names of their kids and make sure their preferred type of coffee was waiting for them when they arrived at your office. 

Today, technology enables the most effective and beneficial service, says Finura director Peter Worn. Advancing the way we can connect and communicate through things like hyper-personalisation, which uses data, analytics, AI and automation to deliver a custom and targeted client experience. 

While the level of detail and automation is dependent on the sophistication of technology available, at its core hyper-personalisation is about using technology to deep-dive into client behaviours, preferences, goals and life stages at a granular level to deliver better client outcomes. 

But how do you deliver a personalised experience that’s both granular and scalable? 

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