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Suit or no suit?

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13 days ago

Not too long ago, Emmanuel Asuquo posed a question to his fellow advisers: suit or no suit?

This might seem like a trivial issue at first glace – especially in the post-COVID era, where there's arguably been a considerable shift in orthodoxy regarding professional attire. To Emmanuel, though, the question pointed to a deeper concern in financial services: trust.

To what extent does a suit and tie convey trustworthiness to the average client? Would that client be more or less inclined to trust advice given by someone wearing a hoodie? Is there room for an adviser to incorporate authenticity and personality into their service without endangering their professional reputation?

As host of the third season of Iress's Upfront podcast, Emmanuel decided to take these questions to an expert: personal branding coach Jennifer Holloway. In this episode, he and Jennifer discuss adviser stereotypes, consumer expectations and Fanta Fruit Twist. 

Listen to the entire episode below: 


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