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Where do you sit on the Advisely Index?

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6 months ago

Have you ever wondered how your advice process stacks up against your peers? Are there any roadblocks somewhere between initial client consult, implementation and ongoing review that are dragging down the performance of your business?

The Advisely Index will help you answer those questions – and figure out exactly what you need to do to take your advice performance to the next level. 

All it takes is around 20 questions, or about five minutes of your time. The short questionaire, powered by decades of research from Business Health, is designed to give you a clear snapshot of your advice business with as little effort on your part as possible.

Oh, and it's completely free. You'll get customised feedback and insights into core advice performance indicators, including:

  • Document production
  • Time to implementation
  • Ongoing review processes
  • Client onboarding and retention
  • Overall practice efficiency

The questions (and results) are tailored to your role in the business – whether you're working as an individual adviser, practice principal, paraplanner or part of the broader support team, the Index will focus on the key areas most relevant to you and your work. We recognise that advice is a complex system where every link the chain has an impact on the client outcome. 

To find out where you sit on the Advisely Index, sign up or login to Advisely now and take the test.

Don't know where to find it? Follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Log in to Advisely. Not a member? Register here.

2. Select 'Take the 5-minute benchmarking test.' Answer all the questions in the survey and then hit 'submit'.

3. See where you sit on the Advisely Index. Scroll down for more insights and actionable takeaways!

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