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Xplan insights from the Advisely client engagement webinar

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28 days ago

Industry experts Deborah Kent and Tony Stephens shared some very useful insights in the most recent Advisely webinar. If you haven't seen, check it out here.

Deb's practical experience was closely aligned with the Business Health research Tony discussed, which focused on the efficiency benefits of using a single core piece of technology for both CRM and advice writing. 

The webinar discussion was separated into three chapters: the initial client meeting ("the first date"), ongoing client engagement ("the love note") and long-term client relationships ("the anniversary"). At the end of each chapter, key takeaways were presented – and I'd like to explore how they can be integrated into your business. 

The first date: mapping out your process

Mapping out your client engagement process, including the client experience and the internal team dynamics supporting it, is integral to success. Using Xplan, this entails:

  • Xplan features: Xplan capabilities such as Opportunity, Cases, and Task Checklists ensure adherence to the process and timely completion.

  • Automation: Automating tasks facilitates communication with clients and referrers, updating them on progress at each stage.

  • Building versus adopting: When deciding between building processes within Xplan or adopting pre-existing solutions, consider:

    • Out-of-the-box solutions: Many Xplan sites and external providers offer pre-built solutions that showcase effective processes with inherent efficiencies.

    • Customisation: Understand the software's offerings to maximise efficiency and tailor processes to your business's best practices.

    • Save as: Create copies of processes to customise them according to your requirements, ensuring brand consistency in client communications.

  • Integration: Using a Client Portal for Data Collection and Secure Messaging ensures seamless communication and collaboration between advisers and clients.
The love note: enhancing communication

Balancing automated processes with human intervention is the key to effective communication. 

Using Xplan's email template system (and automating this via your business process mapped out using Cases), my recommendations include:

  1. Consistent templates: Maintain consistency by using base email templates for communication. For each communication piece, ensure it is clear, concise and highlights any necessary actions required by the client.

  2. Task-linked emails: Automate emails after completing tasks, allowing for review before sending and ensuring no communication is missed. Don’t forget: the email may not always need to be sent to the client. Emails can be automated to send to the adviser, the referrer or even the paraplanner.
The anniversary: sustaining long-term relationships

For long-term client relationships, I recommend:

  1. Scheduler integration: Use Scheduler to automate client emails and booking links, streamlining the review process.

  2. Process builds and automation: Make use of process builds within Xplan's Case area to initiate the review process and keep both internal teams and clients informed.

  3. File note templates: Optimise meeting minutes documentation using file note templates, streamlining the review process and leveraging CRM data for automation.

  4. Client portal: By moving your reporting function to the Client Portal, you can spend less time keeping your client up-to-date with their portfolio – and free up that time to spend on new clients.
Wrapping it up

The main lessons from the client engagement webinar involve strategic mapping, leveraging available features and balancing automation with human intervention.

The areas of Xplan best suited to these goals are:

  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Client Portal
  • Task checklists
  • Email templates
  • Scheduler

By customising processes and enhancing communication, advisers can foster long-term client relationships while maximising efficiency and productivity.

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