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4 months ago

New Year, New Processes?

Welcome to 2024! I hope everyone had a great break and time off to reset for a big year. 2023 felt like the year when we finally lived a 'normal' post COVID year, and everyone was absolutely exhausted by the end of it. So the question needs to be asked; What are you doing differently and what are you bringing into 2024? All tips and thoughts would be helpful!

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  • Thanks Dela - my focus will be on doing less but with more focus. Rather than spreading myself thin, I want to focus on one or two things and do them really well before going on to the next. Not sure what those things will be, but narrow and deep is the plan.

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    Hi Dela, this is a great question, as a company we have finally settled on a client portal for efficiency and security for our clients, we are rejuvenating our website giving a fresh look and feel.  We have a focus this year on marketing to our ideal clients.  We moved to a fully virtual office last October, so we are continuing on this journey to ensure we have all the capabilities in place to work this way which has been great so far.  We are very excited out 2024 as there is a lot of great work being done behind the scenes which is highly motivating. 


  • You’re absolutely right deladz – 2023 was an absolute killer year! 

    It would be great to hear what the community faced in 2023 which in turn will help make 2024 a year for better efficiency.

    Once you seriously start asking yourselves this question, I’m sure this would be great material for your 2024 business plan. If you haven’t already started that plan, it’s not too late! Check out this article by Terry-Bell : The money is in the planning.