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6 months ago

What is your #1 efficiency tip for this year?

Are you streamlining client comms? Automating documentation? Updating your compliance process? Whether you are in the midst of planning, or are already in BAU - what is your number one efficiency tip for this year to ensure you are effective and able to achieve your 2024 goals? Let us know!

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    If you're a financial adviser gearing up for 2024, it's crucial to get on board with AI; it'll streamline your paperwork and supercharge your research like nothing else.

    With AI, one can enhance client communications, automate the production of detailed file notes, and crucially, summarize essential information from various documents and websites. AI sharpens the edge of your work, ensuring documents hit the mark with accuracy and keeping compliance squarely in check. Advisers, through AI integration, can better focus on strategic planning and client relationship development, leading to a practice that is both more efficient and more effective. 

    Curious to hear, what other tools or strategies are advisers finding beneficial?

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      Thanks roccomusumeciAI continues to be a hot topic and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the potential efficiency gains for advice practices and in improving the client experience! Look forward to hearing what other advisers have to say too. 

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    We are implementing a client portal to assist us with efficiency and also security.  Automated filenotes are also something we are looking at although we are being very careful due to any security concerns in this area so we are still on the investigation pathway

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    We are looking to automate workflow allocation. This enables our team and practices to see where all jobs are at, as well as remove a very manual process from our admin team! Excited to hear what everyone else has planned!

  • This is probably the most important question we should all be asking ourselves this year! We use a client portal also and find this is a key part of the process at all steps. Allows us to automate client data forms from before the first meeting, to sharing documents safely and getting all the required forms such as risk profile, engagement letter and anything else needed in the process. Plenty of great tech options and all about finding testing a few and finding which one suits your business best! (Allowing clients to book meetings online, digital signatures, online meetings, client portal...all extremely helpful)