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Harvard study paints the future of financial services

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6 months ago

A modelling study by a team of Harvard scientists demonstrates that he way we do business will not stay the same

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In financial services, since COVID there has been a pivot from some financial planners, accountants and bookkeepers who are developing new ways to work with their clients. This is predominately on how to deal with government, business, and industry changes but over time this will certainly become a new way of business for the advice and finance professional.

This may well lower the cost to serve clients, as more relationships become virtual, and mass communications become standard for client relationships.

But it will mean some consideration and investment given to technology and new processes to deliver to.

It’s those that are starting to move toward that new world who are tackling the beast of change head on and will capitalise on disruption to business for the coming years. 

Now is the time to think of how to change your business for the new world order. Don’t waste time at home trying to do business as usual. Times of change are opportunities to change the status quo and find better ways of doing things. Smart operators are already working on what that looks like.

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