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All your advice workflows in one simple interface: meet the new Task Hub

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4 months ago

With the new Xplan Task Hub, you can realise the efficiency benefits of having visibility over your entire advice process – all in one place.

When it comes to your advice technology, it’s important to take a step back and assess the full breadth of functionality on offer.

As the 2023 Financial Advice Efficiency Survey demonstrated, software users who built their advice process around a single platform and took the time to really understand its functionality were far more efficient than those spread across multiple platforms.

This is why Iress developed Task Hub, which allows you to manage all your workflows from a single interface within Xplan. Task Hub does for your workflows what Visualise does for the client experience: it transforms workflows into a simple, visual experience that allows you to manage tasks, follow up with clients and track progress across every aspect of the advice process.

To support you with improving your day-to-day efficiency, we’ve incorporated customer feedback into the development of an intuitive interface to even further enhance the Task Hub experience. This new experience supercharges task management by unlocking the value of Xplan’s rich functionality.

Here’s what you can expect from the new, revamped Task Hub:

Instant workflow visibility

Most of the tasks you interact with are part of a workflow, so it’s important to be able to quickly identify which workflow a task belongs to and navigate to and from that workflow easily. Now with the updated Task Hub:

  • You can quickly identify tasks that belong to a workflow on task cards and in task details.
  • In a snap, you can navigate between layers of workflows, unblocking one of the pain points from classic screens.
  • Workflow descriptions are now highlighted when available and shown in tasks, in a modern and intuitive manner.

To read more about task workflows, you can read the full community article here.

Tasks at a glance

Building on the success of card activities in opportunities and the client hub activity feed, we’re bringing the same “glance-and-go” features to the new task experience, empowering you to move fast and stay in the flow. Now, with task card activities:

  • You can see if task cards have any comments or checklists that need completing and task attachments.
  • You can update and complete checklists in a snap, right on the task card.
  • In just a click, you can see the most recent comments and any task attachments, all without leaving what they’re doing or even opening the task.

To read more about task card activities, you can read the full community article here.

New task experience integrated into Client Hub

When interacting with tasks on the Client Hub, you will no longer get redirected to the classic task view. Instead, you will see a new fast, seamless task experience:

  • Instead of being redirected and waiting for the classic tasks to load, you can now interact directly with tasks in all areas of the Client Hub.
  • Tasks can be updated and completed right on the activity feed.
  • Task Hub is now embedded across key high traffic areas for consistency and ease.

To read more about the integration to Client Hub, you can read the full community article here.

Checklist improvements

You’ve told us you like how easily checklists can now be viewed and marked off, but you also want to be able to add to and edit them, so the newly improved Task Hub experience includes:

  • The efficiency, organisation and ease of checklists is now available to all your tasks without having to go back to classic screens.
  • It’s fast, easy and intuitive to add checklist items, as well as edit or remove them.
  • Template creators can rest easy knowing that any of the checklists and settings they’ve added cannot be removed by you.

To read more about the checklist improvements, you can read the full community article here.

How to use Task Hub

You can access the Task Hub at any time from the workflow menu in the left-hand navigation. For step-by-step instructions, check out this article on Community.

Don't see Task Hub on your site? Talk to your site administrator about enabling it and getting started today.

Need help?

If you’d like to discuss more about how the new Task Hub experience can help you improve practice efficiency, comment below and we'll get in touch.

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