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Xplan tools to help you focus on client engagement

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8 months ago

Here's how Xplan can help you build deeper client relationships without blowing up the back office.

When we talk to advisers, they often tell us that advice generation is the number-one bottleneck in their process. 

It’s what slows them down, keeps them preoccupied and stops them from actually spending time in front of clients. And from the client’s perspective, these feature delays are what stand between them and achieving their financial goals. 

That’s why we’ve dedicated considerable time and resources to updating Xplan with three new features – each of which is designed to help you automate and streamline your workflows, improve client engagement and stay focused on what actually matters. 

Advice Toolkit

The first hurdle when working out how to improve the efficiency of your advice process is determining what to refine, automate and consolidate. Fortunately, Advice Toolkit (part of the Xplan product suite), takes care of this for you. 

Advice Toolkit is Xplan’s fully supported out-of-the-box kit for financial advice firms. It is easy to deploy and includes the standardised fields, interface, wizard and advice templates we think every practice needs – from fact-finds to fee disclosure statements, SOAs and ROAs. It helps you to work smarter with automation, workflows, and pre-populated advice documents built on industry practices. 

Advice Toolkit also allows you to advise your clients online, wherever you are, thanks to a secure client portal and document storage. And because we host it, manage it and always keep it updated, you can rely on us to ensure all the necessary updates to your software and not keep you away from doing what you do best. 



You know better than anyone that advice is a complex process. So how do you communicate the value of what you're providing to clients? Visualise, Xplan's client engagement tool, makes this easy by giving clients a simple, intuitive and interactive visual reference at the click of a button. 

Because it's integrated with Xplan, Visualise uses the data you already have to model a client's current financial position, demonstrate and compare different recommendations and chart their progress over time. It's all navigated via one screen with all of the key tools and information within easy reach.

You can access Visualise via the Hubs menu or the Client Hub. 


Task Hub

Finally, Task Hub does for your workflows what Visualise does for the client experience: it transforms them into a simple, visual experience that allows you to manage tasks, follow up with clients and track progress across every aspect of the advice process. Thanks to user feedback, we've further optimised the Task Hub by introducing filters and task sorting – now available in beta. 

Xplan Task Hub transforms your workflows into a simple, visual and highly effective experience.

  • Fully managed and hosted with data backup and stringent information security framework
  • Intuitive user interface and navigation
  • Tools to communicate, record, store, organise and manage all client data and operations
  • Pipeline management and marketing campaign functionality
  • Seamless integration with other Xplan tools to reduce administration and increase efficiencies

For more information, please reach out to your relationship manager, or comment below.

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