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4 months ago

How do you stay focused on the right client?

I think the best of us get sidetracked into helping people with their challenges, especially when that's what we've had training and experience in. I'm curious about how other advisers, or even business owners "stick to their knitting"? It's so easy to say "yes" to someone especially if things are a bit quiet but what tips and tricks do you use to say "no" to stay focussed? MatTenison JennyB DebKent 

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    Great question Anne-Graham I totally agree with you, too often I feel myself slipping into the, I'd like to help you bucket.  With all our marketing we ensure we stick to our ideal client, same with the team and our referrers, we ensure they all know what our ideal client is.
    I position at the beginning of any conversation with a prospect that we are not necessarily the right adviser for everyone, and not every client is the right client for us.  I also endeavour to refer out to other advisers when we get someone who is not our ideal client, or refer them to MoneySmart or one of the other websites.