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6 months ago

This years’ Financial Advice Efficiency Report shows that advice firms that communicate more frequently with their ‘a-list’ clients are more profitable than the average advice firm. Available through Xplan, Client Portal offers a better way to connect and communicate securely with your clients.


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Version 11.0


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    Hi, I was interested in feedback about the efficiency of the Xplan Client Portal within your business? Although we made attempts to incorporate the portal previously, we encountered stumbling blocks within the system. Despite this, I am eager to reconsider. Updating of data, without the need for doublehanding and a secure upload of client’s documents would be a win. Not sure if there have been any significant updates or enhancements within the last 12 months? But would welcome your positive experience around the portal? Thanks

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      Thanks swarncken ,

      Client Portal aims to provide efficiency and better engagement with clients while offering flexibility around how advisers use it within their practice.  If you simply want to use it as a means of securely sharing messages and documents, that is available.  If you want to display assets and liabilities as well, that is available.  And if you want a more full featured experience with Portfolio data and reporting capabilities, these can be added on too.

      Included in all access options is the digital fact find, available out of the box, and can be customised as well as offering multiple journeys specific to the customer.  Building on this, we are currently working to produce an output report that will give advisers a snapshot of all the changes a client has made in the journey.

      Based on my conversations with advisers to date, the updating of fact find data and including specific pre-meeting questions, adds real value and reduces the time spent in meetings capturing this.  Broadly we want the fact find to give advisers more time to have meaningful conversations with their clients.

      Finallly, I will add that many of our practices advocated for the addition of Portfolio reports in Client Portal, if that is of interest, you can get in contact to deploy that in your Portal.

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        Hi, how far off do you think you will be in been able to provide the report to give advisers the snapshot of all the changes a client has made in their journey? thanks


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      Good question and great call out to the broader community, swarncken

      In the meantime, I highly recommend you check out this article here. It goes through some of the latest client engagement enhancements that are now available in the Xplan Client Portal.

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