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Transform your advice conversations with Visualise

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5 months ago

At the click of a button you can help clients see their financial position and the impact of your advice.

What is Visualise?

Visualise is a client engagement tool which leverages Xplan’s CRM and modelling tools in a modern and easy to use interface. Advisers can use visualise to help their clients better understand their financial position, possibilities and recommendations.

Why should you use Visualise?
  1. Client engagement: Visuals designed to engage clients and articulate the value of advice, leading to a delightful advice experience that clients understand.
  2. Simple to use: Offers intuitive navigation in one screen, with all of the key tools and information within easy reach.
  3. One integrated & trusted system: It’s an engagement solution using and modifying Xplan data. It doesn’t require head office to look outside of Xplan for a solution.
  4. Modelling capabilities: Uses the feature-rich functionality of Xtools+ and allows advisers to quickly showcase the value they can offer their clients, and bring to life their clients’ current and future financial position.
How can you access Visualise?

Visualise can be accessed via the Hubs menu or via the Client Hub:

What do you need to access Visualise?

 A user will need the following to use it:

  • Licenses: Core, Client Focus.
  • Capabilities: Visualise, Login, Remove group data, Create/Edit Document, Add existing clients as partner entities, Client Focus, Create Clients, Edit Client, List/View Clients, Edit tasks, View Cases for Visible Clients.
  • To model strategies from Visualise, an Xtools+ capability is required.
  • To use the Monte Carlo Simulation, the Monte Carlo Simulation capability is required.
  • For details on how to set up case templates, please refer to the guide on the community.

Visualise contains functionality that we refer to as 'Discovery' (the screen which summarises the client data) and 'Cashflow Visualiser' (the modelling screens). 

For more information, please reach out to your relationship manager, or comment below.

Updated 5 months ago
Version 3.0
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