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14 days ago

Opt In and Reviews

How do you track FDS dates and reviews? How do you ensure that every client gets a review within their FDS period? We are using the FDS and review sections of Xplan. However, they two sections don't appear to be linked in any way so we're doing a lot of manual checking to ensure everyone gets a review. 

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    Our clients either get

    • 2 reviews a year in which case they will always have had a review by the time the FDS rolls around
    • 1 review a year the review is scheduled 3 months before the FDS to ensure it happens

    If you have a standard Type / Subtype for your file notes could you create an Entity list report that counts up the Review Meeting file notes within the FDS period? 

    That's how we populate our FDS with having provided the Reviews, Advice Docs etc. 

    Not sure if that helps.

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    Great question MartinJoughin 

    There are ways from a business point of view to manage your Review Requirements and your FDS requirements. One common area I am seeing advisers move to is to send out the FDS with the Fee Consent before they book the next review meeting. So they agree to the ongoing fee, and then have their review meeting straight away - that way the review requirement is ticked off early in the clients ongoing year. A great way to ensure most clients have been reviewed before the next FDS is due. 


    Looking at this from an XPLAN management perspective, you are spot on that Reviews data and FDS data do not 'talk' to each other. However, there are things you can put in place to review them togethers. 

    Option 1: Your XPLAN dashboard

    You can add FDS and Review widgets on your dashboard. Set them up to show upcoming and overdue clients to ensure no client is missed. 

    New to dhsbord widgets - here is some information on FDS Widgets:

    Option 2: Reporting - XPORT

    FDS data is stored as a single field in XPLAN and Review Data is stored as group data on XPLAN (group data = more then one) so when you build an XPORT report you have to consider your data set. However, XPORT is a fabulous report building tool that many XPLAN users can utilise without needing a degree in computer science! You can build an XPORT report that pulls through specific Review Data and includes FDS data to review your clients on a regular basis. Schedule your XPORT reports so they run and send directly into your inbox and you don't even have to remember to run the report - it just arrives ready to be checked. 

    Here is a great training webinar on XPORT if you have never used this area before:

    Option 3: Report - Merge Report

    XMERGE reports can be used for management of client activity. There is some fancy coding you can apply to an excel report, and then overlay some excel formuals. You can get yourself a report run on clients due for FDS in next 60 days, and when was their last completed review date - and highlight any clients with an issue. Use scheduler to schedule the report to your inbox once a month and just review the highlighted issues.   

  • Great discussion starter MartinJoughin - manual checking of who has received a review is the last you'd want to be doing. Keen to hear the community's thoughts.