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22 days ago

User Email Signature coding for Emails

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to setting up email templates and have read everything I can find so far with no luck on how I can draw in Adviser signatures set up in Xplan by going through the following pages 

User / Enter Adviser Name / Admin / Email / Signature Options / tick Use Personal Signature / Signature

I have the Adviser's email signatures set up including their pictures, links to their websites, calendly links for clients to book appointments etc. however cannot find the syntax to add to the email templates.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks CK



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    Hi CK 

    I am glad that you have been able to use IRESS Connect to review more information on Email Signatures. I thought I would jump on an provide some more information here for others that might have the same question. 

    Email Signatures can be set up for the whole XPLAN site by your System Administrator (via System Settings), for a User Group via User Group Settings or for an individual user via User Interface or my Preferences (to set up your own).

    Once you select to use a Site Signature, Group Signature or Personal Signaure, the first thing to ensure is that the content looks good. Use the Rich Text tool bar to selected the correct fonts, size, colours, links and images (connected via Doc Library or a URL). 

    Once your signaure is in XPLAN, everytime you open the email editor to send an email to a client (or clients) via XPLAN, your signature will automatically load. If you load an email template, the template will load followed by your signature. So there is no need to add your signature to your email teamplates. 

    Hope this helps and feel free to post any additional or follow-up questions. 🙂 




  • Thanks for joining us here on Advisely CK ! Can't wait to hear if anyone has done this themselves and would like to share.

    You can also pop a support request through Iress Connect here and the support team can help you out.

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      Curious Observer

      Thanks Rainier.  I will do.  I thought Iress Connect was only if we had error messages so I'm learning more already. :)

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        No worries at all, Iress Connect is there for all your support needs!

        However, keep posting here on Advisely to know how others are using Xplan efficiently. For example, check out our upcoming AMA here with ZitaWhite for all things doc notes!