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    Hi Rob

    Since the first official teaser video of Task Hub was released, I have been excited about the revolution of the XPLAN task system. 

    Now that it is available, I am seeing more and more users either fall back in love with tasking through XPLAN, or move back to XPLAN to manage their tasks. 

    Some of the key things I love about Task Hub (in addition to the fresh look and feel) is:

    1. Visually seeing your tasks in a 'card' view provides more insight at the core level. 
    2. The ability to update the task from the card display to update the assignee or due date at the press of the button is magic. 
    3. Moving a task along the task journey through the click-and-drag feature is genius. 
    4. Smart filters allows you to focus your task list display. Or, and this is something I use all the time, use filters to see other team members' tasks super fast!

    All of the above make task management so much easier in the new Task Hub screens. But my favorite feature in the new task view is the Checklist feature. It is easy to add a checklist item with unique due dates. When you complete a checklist item, you simply click to add a tick. 

    Having completed a number of demo's on Task Hub and integrating this in our business I can confirm that once you see Task Hub and start using it, you will never long for the old way and you will want to use Tasks even more! You can't go wrong moving over. 

    My tip - Turn it on and don't look back. 


  • We use tasks extensively and haven't found it very useful. Our users could have between 20 and 200 tasks, and you can only see maybe 10-15 tasks on screen at once. Only having the columns show task status makes it too hard to organise. We might have 100 unactioned tasks and 20 tasks across actioned, pending and review. Completed and aborted tasks don't need to be shown.

    It would be much better if we could choose what the columns showed. For example, if you could have overdue, due today, due this week and due later. Or have columns show advisers, or other roles, or who it's assigned to, or threads, or priority, or client category. 

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    MartinJoughin - you have raised a great point here. And I know XPLAN are working on providing additional view options inside Task Hub. I am excited to see these roll out. 

    A great feature for you and your team are the filters at the top. You can filter to show overdue, due today, due this week etc. This will help focus your task list. 

    You can save your filters, share your filters with your team, and set one as the 'Start View' display.