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6 months ago

Does everyone understand the “why”?

When working with clients, we are often asked to focus on processes and governance so the business can minimise their risks while driving efficiencies and reducing costs. We often find what happens “on the ground” could be their biggest risk.

How often are you engaging with staff who are making sure the “doing” is getting done and they understand how critical they are in bringing to life advice provided to clients? How often do you think about what will happen if some/all of your key people involved in admin/support roles suddenly left the business? Who can step in and fill in the gaps to implement advice that has been provided to clients? Does everyone understand the role they play in the advice process and their “why”? Investing in staff is a crucial component in risk management and the success of a business.
What are some of the things you are doing to invest in your people? We would love to hear some fun and different ways in how staff are brought along the journey and involved in the vision of the business, as well as ensuring everyone is across the “why”.

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  • Great points of discussion, Tangelo 

    The people are the beating heart of any business - will be interesting to see what everyone out there is doing to make sure their staff are brought along on the journey!

  • Interesting questions you've posed Tangelo

    When a client or service provider compliments someone in our team, we share that publicly with the whole office. It might embarrass the person involved however it can make a huge difference knowing that what they do, makes such a positive difference to someone else. It could be as simple as listening carefully to a client, helping a colleague, or sorting out a Centrelink issue for a client. All of these things matter and help build a great culture. 

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      That's an awesome idea Anne. Its amazing how the little things can make a big difference