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12 days ago

Has anyone used an avatar or AI for client engagement yet?

Hey everyone, I've seen a few sessions about advisers using an avatar to present SOAs amongst other parts of the process for client engagement. I also work with a large Mortgage Broking practice who have been seeing the same stories, where some of their peers are using bots for engagement and queries. One tool sits in on zoom meetings like a separate attendee, then records the whole meeting and transcribes, which can then be summarised. I'm really keen to start using some of these tools wondering if anyone has started using this tech and what your experience has been? Any tips for beginners? 

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  • Great question MatTenison and can't wait to hear what other ways the community is using AI tools. 

    I know my financial planner uses the tool that sits in the meeting and transcribes - it has no obvious effect on me as a client but can imagine how much time it saves with what Anne-Graham calls the F-word: file notes!