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8 months ago

How much 'say' does your client have?

When running your advice business, you've got these three main things to juggle: People, Process, and Price. You assemble a team (people), figure out your approach (process), and set your rates (price).

But here's the real-world question: How much say do you give your clients in choosing or amending your model? Do you allow them to choose who they work with, how they want things done, and what they pay?

What are your absolute deal-breakers, and how do you handle clients who want things done their own way?

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    Great question Jessica-Lamb - One deal-breaker for me is when clients are rude to my team. On occasion, I've had to bring up an incident with a client to make them aware of the impact they've had. In most cases, they are really surprised and very apologetic, the behaviour may have been a symptom of stress for example. Very rarely however there is no change in behaviour which presents the issue of how to move the client on. It's important from a people and culture perspective to back your team by words and actions.

  • Awesome question, Jessica-Lamb

    It can be such a balancing act between running a sustainable business and meeting all your clients' needs. Keen to hear what everyone's dealbreakers are and what strategies you all have for dealing with 'difficult' clients!