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2 months ago

What is the #1 process you have in your practice that makes you efficient?

Being able to move Inspired Money forward, this is a question I had to ask myself very early. This allowed me to remove myself from the technical aspects of the advisory process and focus on driving the business forward into what I saw as the future of advice. Using data better easily became the singular focus for us, and set us on the journey for a tech stack to assist us use our clients data better. It’s still a work in process but I can say this has allowed us to strip 40% from the advice process for new clients and 60% of the time our for the review process.

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    The main thing I help advisers do is figure out the perfect client experience upfront. This means picturing how they want clients to see their business, the values to share, and how to make clients feel taken care of from the start.

    Once the adviser knows their vision, you can help them work backwards to find the onboarding, data collection, and workflows that will make that smooth experience happen. The tech comes after designing the human experience.

    By taking an outside-in approach focused on the client journey rather than systems, we can put efficient processes in place that build relationships and trust from the beginning. Defining the experience first allows technology to enable rather than be the end goal.

  • Fantastic question conradfrancis and awesome suggestions for levelling up efficiency. A 60% time reduction in the review process is an incredible feat!

    Would love to also call out the great work you and your team are doing because snagging the top position on the Advisely Index is not easy - so for everyone here please go check out our latest article on conradfrancis 's story here. And if you too would like to know how your advice stacks up against industry benchmarks, do the 5-minute test here.

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      Thanks Rainier, the only caveat I have is that the focus must by what’s in the best interests of the client, all of the time though.

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    hi conradfrancis thanks for posting your question, we have just put on a client portal that integrates with xplan, we have found this to be a great move existing clients can up date their data ie; bank accounts etc and with a new client we profide them with a short fact find in the portal pre first appointment, then we get them to fill out the full fact find which is in the portal this then integrates with xplan we check the data and if there is something missing we just need to fix it.  We used to use fact finds which we would send to the client or fill with the client then this data was transferred into xplan = double entering data.  We also use if for document sharing using docusign for execution this has cut out time down significantly in servicing the client